Biphasic sleep log

Starting from the 1st of March, I have decided to try adapting to a Biphasic sleep pattern consisting of the following at first:

UPDATE!!! Trying to see if I can get Polyphasic sleep over the next week or so.  The schedule I have settled on (after altering it for study) is:

I have created a quick faq, just for those who might be wondering what this biphasic sleep thing is all about.  All my logs for the fist week are in a link off this page called week 1 - from now on I will be keeping seven days of logs on this page, linking the next week of logs as the first day of that week slips off the page.  The logs on this page are latest first, while on all other pages they start from the earliest log onward.  Here are my latest logs:

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May 7, 2007 - [1:35am] Wow! I don't think I have ever felt better after a nap.  A couple of months ago, I wouldn't beleive anyone who claimed to be sleeping a total of 3 hours a day because I could barely function on 6 hours a day back then.. but well, now I am working on polyphasic sleep.. I don't know.. it is just strange. :D

Last dream I had, I felt like I was awake during it.. The details start to fade even now, but I am thinking that this could be a lucid dream.  I had heard reports of other polyphasers having them, and this dream seemed different enough for me to check up on it, and yes, by the basic definition I could find, a lucid dream is one where you are aware you are dreaming.

The last couple of days have been pretty good, I have hardly felt more than a little tired when waking up, I remember dreaming upon more naps than I would have before, and this last dream being more of a lucid one than usual seems to back up the fact I am getting REM sleep.  When having a look at the Stanford sleepiness scale, rating 1 seems to fit how I feel quite well as of now.. I feel qutie awake, ready to take on almost anything.. I think there are only a few times I have woken up from monophasic or even biphasic sleep feeling this good.  The real test comes with the coming week - will I keep feeling as good as I have to juggle around the naps or not?

May 5, 2007 - [4:17am] Woo! Awake.. not feeling tired at all, when during the 1-5am block I usually would be pretty tired.  I would say about a 2 or 3 on the standford scale of sleepiness.  Pretty good.

Anyway, I did some more thinking about sleep.  Now, common theory I have read seems to be that if you are woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle (for whatever reason), you go back to sleep at the beginning of the cycle.  What polyphasic would do in this case would be the same, but there is a smaller window for interruptions, 25-30 vs about 90 minutes.  A polyphaser can just reset the alarm, go to sleep and get a full cycle within 30 minutes.. when I was monophasic a nap lasted more than 30 minutes.. usually as long as my body let me, which wasted a lot of time.  Anywhow time for me to nap..

May 4, 2007 - [8:05am] Last couple of days I have been fighting and losing against the tiredness after 1am.  I can wake up, that has never been a problem, just that I have made poor chocies on how to fight the tiredness.. I have been trying stategies, and might have one that works - I have to get my heart pumping faster than relaxed to ward away the tiredness.. once it is gone, I am usually good for an hour or two.. once it starts getting past 9am, things start to get a lot better usually, with no tiredness near the level of what I can get 1 or 2am in the morning.

I have read the reasoning behind Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion sleep in a Time magazine article, which he reasoned that humans have two stores of energy, the first is quick to replenish while the reserves (second wind) take longer to replenish. His own training found that he started to get fatigued six hours after a thirty minute nap1.

The same article mentioned that (at the time) he had done two years of Dymaxion Sleep, an average of two hours sleep in 24.  Quite an achivievment in my opinion. :)


May 2, 2007 - [12:06am]  I didn't set an alarm correctly today, and overslept by 30 minutes.  I didn't have the correct day in the alarm task and it didn't go off when expected.  Still, an hour total sleep is not too much of a setback, so I am keeping to schedule.  I did drift off a couple of times during classes, which is bad, but so far ployphasic sleep has not adversely effected test scores.. I got the results back on one today.. A+.  Another test I did today I did well - I think I managed to ace it - will wait and see for results, but I am pretty sure I got everything 100% correct. :)

I have kept up with the planner and keep the current copy next to me to note things as I go - which means I have a record of about when I drift off if it happens.  Also means that I can show others how busy I can be.. will highlight naps with highlighter pen.

April 30, 2007 - [7:33pm] I have started recording they day in a planner I worked out in Word(tm). This lets me track an entire day in 15 minute lots - with my standard nap times marked in place so I can see when I should have been napping. 

I have been working on how I can shuffle naps around.  Either I have not adapted as well as I have thought, or I am going to pay for this the next few naps or so.  I took my 12:30am nap at 11:30am so I could go to class without having to nap right before it.  Worked out well, I even got to talk a little bit about polyphasic sleep today.. anyway, I had to work on getting an assignment finished after that, which meant I was working past my usual 4:30pm nap.. didn't get home until just before 6pm.. I set the alarm and went to sleep.. 6 and a half hours late.  Right now I feel great, not the least bit tired.  My next nap is in about an hour, I might delay it a little so that my body doesnt' get too out of sync from the 4 hour periods.  I will report back.

April 29, 2007 - [12:23am] Just a little while before my 12:30am nap, and I am feeling tired already - this could mean that I will wake up to my battlefield of tiredness at 1am.  But I expect this might happen for a while, but I am fighting it.. as fight it I must.  Oversleep is the deadly enemy of uberman sleep. Time I went.

[6:19am] Just wake up from the nap that usually starts at 4:30, but was delayed for just over an hour and 15 minutes.  Nap was 30 minutes, and a hour and 15 minutes late.  I feel tired waking up.. next nap should be easy enough.

April 28, 2007 - [4:08am] For the lest several hours or so I have been opperating under a fog.. not so much 'I really want to sleep' tiredness, but rather the mind almost seemed to be sleeping while the body was awake.. if that makes any sense at all.  I just had to work my pulse up to something well above resting to at least be able to do something else than to just stare at the monitor. 

The last four scheduled naps (counting the 2 I reported at 5pm) have so far had a good hint of REM sleep in them, which makes the fog a little puzzling given I should be totally refreshed.  I am refreshed enough to just wake up and get out of bed.. that never seems to be the problem for me - just don't lay down again.

Well, it is coming up to my 4:30 am nap.  Anther 30 minues, likely with another REM nap.. we shall see.

April 27, 2007 - [4:04am] The tiredness during this time comes in waves.. I fight it off, and for a while I am good, then it starts coming back.  Once it starts getting daylight again I should start doing better.

One thing I am now starting to have to think about is diet.  Perhaps not so much of what I eat (but that too), but more when and how much.  A normal day (monophasic or biphasic) I would have been sleeping at this time, and hence not feeling hungry like I am now.  Perhaps I should change my diet to letting my body decide when I need something to eat (like it is telling me now)?  I would need to become more of a snacker than eating three meals a day.  Spead the eating out more over the day as I do with sleeping at this time.

[4:59pm] - I just had to log on and share this.  This happens to be the second nap I have woken up from without having the alarm clock wake me up.  Still, I need the alarm clock to give me barriers, but waking up early happens to be good - when you can recall having dreams during that sleep.  From what I remember of the dreams (about the same about of detail at this time as normal), they were the ones with the usual weird type plots that people usually have with normal REM dreaming.  It is strange, but then this is an indication that my body is actually adjusting rather than just holding out on me.. but then if I was still tired after the first week, I would have given up because I didn't have time to fall to sleep during classes.  For now though, perhaps I should do a little shopping.. get something I can snack on at 3 or 4am, as I tend to have hunger pangs at that time.

April 26, 2007 - [11:54am] Just came from a class.. not feeling the least bit tired at this time.  I was talking with a fellow classmate who had stayed up all night working on an assignment, much like I have.. main thing is they are one of the majority who is a monophasic sleeper.  They told me they got an hour and a half of sleep, so I asked how they felt after that - managed to get a reply that stated not as tired as they would have thought.. this goes to prove the whole 90 minute nap theory one more time for me.. not that I as a polyphasic sleeper could have that now, else I'd have to go back to being biphasic.

I still drift off at random times when not napping, but those are usually times when I rested on the bed a little more than just sitting on it.. or I was watching a DVD that just bored me to sleep.. these slipups have not been all that long, and I am still polyphasic.

April 25, 2007 - [3:12am] What has happened over the last few days? I have been going back to study now that the mid-semester break is done, and I have been working on finding the places to nap when the time comes.  Napping on the couches in the Student studios is quite possibile, even if a little bit uncomfortable, and on those fine days napping on the grass outside is also an idea that works.

Yesterday morning was bad.  I started typing in my log at 1:30am, I rerember half-climbing onto the bed, and next thing I know it is 3:30am and I am waking up confused.. I checked to see that I had typed out a bit of an entry for 1:30am, which went as thus:

'For a moment I thought that waking up I was not going through the usual 2am to 6am tiredness.. until I just realized - it is not 2am yet.  I am starting to feel tired, could be part of the dinner I just ate. '

Could be part of the dinner I just ate? I do not remember typing that in at all, and at 1:30am I would not have just had dinner.  Well, I guess I just have to chalk this unexpected sleep as a bonus and continue.  I seem to be okay at this time, about 4 on the Stanford Sleepiness Scale, though I might be close to being a 5.  At this time I am keeping up with the schedule, and seem to be coping okay.  Before I started with changing my sleeping paterns I would usually be the one to wake up early with the alarm clock when I had something to do.. otherwise I would often be content to just stay up late and sleep in late.  Getting up early without just hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep is not something I often did unless I really felt tired and decided that my time was better spent seeping.  Maybe it is that habit that has helped with my adjustment so far?

I have a partial solution to the long Tuesday where classes could be for about 5 hours solid.  Before I leave in the morning, I take one more nap.. this is 6:30-7am - a nap that will be in the place of the 8:30am naptime that I have set to offset my choice to go back an hour to help with napping between classes.  I managed a nap at 11:30am, but didn't have one until about 5 or 5:30pm when I got home - so far polyphasic seems to not be kicking me too hard for not being able to keep naps 4 hours apart.. most days I can keep the schedule tight.

I am tired at this time, but not as tired as I was yesterday morning during this 1-5am period that I am awake in now.  Still, I did learn a leason.. if I feel that tired, I shouldn't think I can just drift off for a minute or two.. I will likely be waking up realizing perhaps hours have gone by.  But as long as I don't feel overly tired, I keep with the schedule.

April 23, 2007 - [3:05am] Looking back at logs, I have now been keeping to the naps for more than a week now.  2am is still hard for me, but I am committied to seeing this through.  With the first class starting tomorrow, I have had a look at the timetable, and decided that I need to bring my sleep schedule back an hour to minimize the naps off target time, and there are still going to be those, but for the most part they will only be 30 minutes later.  As a test a couple of nights showed, I can stay awake at least an hour past naptime without being as tired as I usually am at 2am.. So, my 5:30am will now become 4:30am (shortening this one cycle by an hour, a logical choice since I would still be a little tired.. must be that I still have some sleep debt from the whole adjustment - for those who beleive in such).

How will this sleep schedule help now that I am back in classes? It gives me the chance to schedule both study and fun where most people would have to make the choice in the few hours remaining before they have to sleep.. this is where a broadband internet account comes in handy for various web-based games to keep me hooked into checking up on them on an hourly basis, some even less than that... now that I am back at class, I will have to plan ahead so that production ques happen while I am away from a computer.

Where the last week was a test of the adaption process, the following week will be one where I start testing reasonable limits in shifting naps around to fit in the life of a busy student.  Fortunately the class timetable looks remarkably like swiss cheese at times, so getting the naps in close to time is not hard.. only one that will be a chalange is Tuesday where I have a class that starts at 8am, going to 10, followed by another 2 hour practical for that same class.. with the nap schedule pushed back an hour to 8:30am I have a couple of choices.. get there early, napping from about 7:30am until 8am or wait an hour till 9:30am, and leave the class then - no matter what is left to be taught.. which I could get away with as the last couple of tests I have done have been above 90%.. but I will see how the 7:30am nap works first, see if the delay until 1pm is too much.  The saving grace might be the practical from 10-12pm... since I know the material most times, I think I might be able to fly though with at least 30 minutes to spare, which I can use for the nap before the next class.

*blink* Not bad for someone who feels tired.. anyway, time to reset the times for all the naps so that at least they are 4 hours apart here at home.. I might have to put limits on how long the task remains active.. 1 hour should be enough - if I have slept though that much, then I might as well just sleep in as I would be back to biphasic until I next choose to re-adapt.

Anyway - better get on with other stuff to keep me busy..

[5:38am] Not a promising start to the altered schedule.  I set the time correctly, but the task didn't run for some reason.. maybe I need to look at a backup for times like this.  Anyway, woke up just under an hour from when I went to sleep, so I hope that is not enough to throw polyphasic sleep off... Grr..  Only the next couple of naps or so will tell.

[9:10am] Next nap went well enough.  The alarm (plus it's backup) went off as planned.  Now to relax a bit and get ready to head out for the first day back, and the first nap I have ever taken deliberately away from home.

April 21, 2007 - [5:15pm] I have been busy over the last day or so.  I think I am pretty much adjusted to Polyphasic sleep, with a total (so far) of 39 naps of 30 minutes since the last oversleep I had.  I was still tired just after the 2am, but I worked though it, not letting myself drift off just once.. most of the time I am pretty wide awake, and this almost scares me to think that I do it on only 3 hours total sleep a day..

Last night I delayed one of my naps by an hour to see if there would be any problems as far as the schedule goes, and there didn't seem to be - it is this flexibility that could help when I go back to classes on Monday.  Wooo! I don't think many people will believe that I only have 3 hours of sleep a day.. closest I have heard of is one person whom had a 4 hour core sleep plus a 20 minute nap at lunch as a boost.  Having never tried that combination (and having no reason to), I have no idea if that works well enough.

Anyway, getting close to naptime.. later.

[6:08pm] Another good nap.  Went to sleep right on target and I actually woke up and noted the time after 22 minutes siince I started sleeping - so this time I beat the alarm. :)  That makes it 40 naps since the last large block of sleep I had.

April 20, 2007 - [3:42am] Seems that tired happen right after the 2am nap.  Both the 6-10pm and 10pm-2am periods where quite restful, the 2-6am seems to be set aside for what you are sleeping.

[10:21am] The 6-9:30am was better than the 2-5:30am period, though still not completely ideal.. I might have to look at a nap at 3:30am to break up the biggest bit of tiredness, but other than that, things are good! I just woke up from the 10am nap, and I swear I had a dream here.. but also I woke up feeling refreshed, so chances are good that dream happened during REM sleep :).  This makes it 32 naps where I have not over slept (I have been tracking the naps), or 5 days without more than 30-35 minutes of sleep at any of the times I choose to sleep!  I am thinking that aside from the 2-6am tiredness, that I might just have polyphasic sleep.. and I was just curious if I could do it or not.

April 19, 2007 - [5:08am] Seems like the 2-5:30am block will be a chalange for me for a little while, and perhaps part of the 6-9:30am time as well.  The first block is usually when I would have been sleeping biphasically, so that could be reasoned to be tiredness due to the fact I would usually not be awake.  I admit I did drift off, can't remember when it happened, or for how long.. could have only been minutes.. or even longer.  I was getting hints of this at about 12-1:30am, so next time I see hints in one phase, I should prepare to have it worse in the next phase, and be surprised if it doesn't happen.  At least I have not overslept on any of the scheduled naps, which means that all I have to do is get this whole early morning tiredness sorted out.

If I keep up with polyphasic until Monday, then I will have to see if I can a) find space to get a nap (likely a student studio), and b) if my headphones will stay on my head while the MP3 player plays a track designed for ubermansleep while away from home.. and c) If the MP3 wakeup track works..  If I can meet all those conditions, then I might have to look at investing in a locker at UCOL so that my bag can be in it during nap times.

The chalange would be to keep up polyphasic during the semester, and I will have to rely on being able to move the daytime naps around a bit..  I can keep my 9:30am where it is, but I am looking at getting the 1:30pm nap moved back to 12:30pm so I can sleep at either 12:30pm, or 1pm, depending on what class I have on that day.. Tuesday will be a problem with the 9:30am nap, but it is a subject that I feel I understand quite well.  First test will be if the headphones will stay in place while I nap, then I can do trials on Monday afternoon.

[8:50pm] So, the other shoe dropped before the 5am report this morning.. steel capped boots.. ouch.  Anyway, I managed to recall having dreams in one of my regularly scheduled naps, and the one that finished almost three hours ago was quite refreshing.. perhaps I am only having problems during the time I usually would have slept on a monophasic patern? Time will tell.  I am getting the MP3 player ready for an at home trial with my usual backup in place so I can judge the effectiveness and fix any problems that I might have.. I will report back after the 9:30pm nap.

April 18, 2007 - [12:50am] Just came up with a quote: 'I am uberman, hear me snore.'  Well, I guess there isn't much time for a monophasic sleeper to hear a polyphasic person snoring, especially since they sleep about 5-6 hours less in total. Hey, here is another one: 'Uberman, because sleep is for the weak.'.. that might be something I could put onto a T-shirt or something.

Anyway, back to my progress.  I have kept all naps so far, no oversleep.  There have been mini-naps, but I try to avoid those as they have a high chance of turning into full-blown sleep, something that would cause me to finish this experiment early as next week is the start of the new semester, and I don't need to be tired enough to end up falling asleep during classes - I already have done mini-naps, so that is nothing new for those who know me, but I would rather not start sleeping during classes.  I will evaluate during the weekend if I haven't missed naps or overslept at that point - my choice will be between two options: 1) Continue polyphasic, and adapt it to the class timetable, or 2) Go back to biphasic.  Either way, this log so far will earn a permenant place on this website, as well as my thoughts on it.

[4:56am] Unlike this time yesterday, I hardly seem tired.  I can get by without any music or anything like that designed to keep me from nodding off.  I try to avoid nodding off as much as possible because that could lead to an oversleep, and those are no fun when you are seriously trying to adapt.  I am just curious as to if I can pull this off or not - if not, no big loss.. this attitude could be my biggest strength and biggest weakness.  On the one hand, I am not worrying all to much if I do oversleep, but at the same time it could be said that I might not lack the drive needed to get polyphasic - we shall see.

[10:45am] Okay, my last nap was a little late, but I took it anyway since there was not too much time passed... and? I remember flashes of a dream - this could mean I am getting REM sleep within the 30 minutes I am giving my body, but there must be more than that because if this is how hard adaption gets, there was nothing to it for me.. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

April 17, 2007 - [4:48am] This is the toughest things have gotten so far.. there seems to be a fog of tiredness - that is how I see it anyway.  I can still think and all that, but the tiredness is there, clouding things a bit.  If I sit too long just watching something, there could be a good chance that I will fall to sleep.. it is this sort of fog that could cause problems if one were to lay down - only to wake up hours later.. no, this is not going to happen to me.. at least not in a fog so light that I can still see into the distance..

How am I coping with this fog? Loud music through the headphones helps quite a bit.. songs that have a good BPM.  That is the key I have identified for my own tiredness in the past - if I am really tired, letting my heart rate drop down to resting in usually a bad idea.  So far the music works well enough, the fog even seems to have disipated while I am listening and tapping my feet.

Just another hour and a half from this point and I get the next nap - and this one is a bit of a milestone as it will mark the second full day of polyphasic naps with no oversleep.  So when I look at it with that metric, I have slept six hours over the last two days, or the same amount as I slept biphasicly for just one day!  At this stage, I am just trying this because I am curious about how hard it woud be for me to adjust... win or lose, I will learn a lot about sleep.

[11:47am] The fog of my mind continued until just before the 9:30am nap, It hs been almost 2 hours since I woke up at 10am, and I feel better than I did back then.  I was dropping out for mini-naps during that time, so I will have to watch that because all it takes is one mininap to turn into a fullblown sleep, which would really set me back some.. but for now I guess I will be fine for the next 12 hours or so - I will see.

April 16, 2007 - [11:02am] At this point the only oversleep was the one I talked about yesterday due to a glitch, something that has not happened again.  So offically, I have been awake 21 hours of the last 24, and I don't feel too bad.  Just learned it is definately not a good idea to watch DVDs while laying down on my side, but those tend to be mini-naps, rather than anything close enough to get REM sleep.  Those are not a big problem, so I am still moving on while I can stay awake and not oversleep the naps. 

Even if I don't get polyphasic this time around, I can do days on polyphasic where I know my schedule is going to be light, and then switch back to biphasic to get a good amount of sleep the next day.  So far I don't see any real problem with trying the adaption to polyphasic, the bordem factor has been pretty much fixed for now with a few new web browser based games.

Well, time to head off and get some more stuff done.  Report back later.

[9:10pm] It is starting to get close to my 9:30pm naptime, I have managed to keep up the schedule since the oversleep I had yesterday morning.  At this stage it has been just over 36 hours on 30 minute naps every three hours, and I feel fine for the most part.  From what I hav read in places, it is the next day or two that can get really challenging, and I can't wait for that - I am wanting to experience firsthand how tired I will be so I can say how hard the adaption is.

April 15, 2007 - [9:06am] Okay, after the full day of polyphasic, then the deliberate oversleep while I got some more things together, even if I don't manage to get polyphasic, this seems to show me that I can at least do a day on polyphasic without being overly tired - sleeping 30 minutes every 4 hours.  So, when I want (or need it), I can be awake a day for a total of 21 hours, then drop back to biphasic.  This is a trick I could do Saturday nights so I can spend time on the internet, while switching back to biphasic for most of the week... but I will consider this later - the reason for this post? I am giving polyphasic another shot, and this time I am doing by best to eliminate the boredom factor.

I started again at 9:30pm last night as I did the last time - the first nap went well, the alarm going off right on time and waking me up.  I stayed awake until the 1:30am nap, and went to sleep.. waking up at just after 5am.  No, I wasn't tired at all, this is not my body saying enough.. no sob story about how I am sure I had the alarm set right and don't know why it didn't go off.. because I know that it didn't go off.  To explain why it didn't work, I will explain my current system that I have used for years on monophasic, and the last five weeks on biphasic.

I use this freeware program I got a while ago when I wanted to set my computer up as an alarm clock.. back then my computer was on 24/7, downloading suff.. anyway, seemed like a good idea at the time since the computer was on to have an alarm.  This program was designed by the author because he didn't like being woken up suddenly by a loud irriating noise whose only purpose was just to force you awake enough that going back to sleep was a bad idea.. you know the ones where you usually hit the snooze button for another 5 minutes or so of sleep.. anyway, this one starts at a low volume, and slowly (over 5-15 minutes depending on settings) increases the volume in order to give the person time to wake up slowly and in a better mood.  For me, it was useful in that it started at a low volume and allowed me a chance to switch it off before it got too loud to wake up anyone else in the house.   The alarm was set within task manager to start whenever - even if a user is not currently logged in - that ability has woken me up after the computer has rebooted because of error or brown/black out.

I had thrown 4 of these tasks into the recycle bin, and restored them when I choose to go back to polyphasic, but the 2am alarm task didn't start, this I found out at 5am by looking at the scheduled tasks.  Anyway, what I think might have happened is that somewhere along the line, it lost the password that I had typed in when I first set up the alarms, and hence couldn't run at the time - I have sorted that out now.  Anyway, I am pretty sure the tasks are working perfectly, but I have set an aditional alarm to go off about 10 minutes after my main one is due to go off (more of an egg timer program, not tied in with task management).  With my main alarm (a random MP3 from a directory of 11 songs), I am usually up and turning it off shortly after it starts, my habit being not to let it get too loud lest it wakes up others sleeping here.

Wel... after that oversleep, I decided to just push on, and did the 5:30am nap on shedule, waking up from that without problems - now after all this typing, I am about at the next nap, so I had better get ready.  Later.

April 13, 2007 - [1:17pm] I woke up at 2am with no problems, but for now have gone back to Biphasic for a day or two while I do some more planning.  You see, the one thing I didn't really take into account with polyphasic is the amount of time I would be awake.. It might be 3 hours less than on byphisc (where I was sleeping 6 hours total a day), but it just seemed longer to me.

I was at the stage where I would put my head down to sleep and about 2 minutes later (from my point of view) the alarm would be going off.  Not that I really felt tired during the first day - I was fine. It is just that boredom is a big enemy of switching to polyphasic, and you definately need the stuff to keep you busy (which I did not).  Anyway, The next day or two I will be looking into what things I can be doing, what I can have set etc.  I need a bigger to-do-list before trying again.

On the upside, I told someone that lives here that I tried out polyphasic for the day, and they commented I looked tired this morning (after waking up from the big monophasic block of sleep I took when I had decided I needed to plan more).. but no comments on me looking tired during yesterday.  I really want to see how bad adaption is (call me a masochist, but sometimes the only way to describe these things is to experince them yourself). 

When looking back at the one day I was polyphasic, I stuck to the schedule, I was awake for 21 hours during the day, rather than 18 hours on biphasic or 16 hours in monophasic (assuming 8 hours for monophasic, 6 hours for biphasic, and 3 hours in 30 minute naps for polyphasic), and I didn't really feel all too tired at the end of the day - chances are if I slept only 3 hours monophasic, then tried to stay up for 21 hours, then I would have been feeling pretty tired at that point.

I still have just over a week of break left, so that will be enough for me to at least get to the point where my body tries to adapt - if I do slipup, I will have about 8 weeks or so to figure out why so that when the next two week break comes up, I will be ready to try again.  It would be great if I am able to beat the adaption first time around, but a lot of the logs I have read (or watched) show that it can be quite a chalange.  Still, if I don't give it a good try, the curiousity will kill me until I have the time to try again.

April 12, 2007 - [1:16am] Still day 0 of Polyphasic sleep - so far I am 1 for 1 as far as scheduled naps are concerned - and I am now.. 13 minutes away from my next nap.  I have the computer alarm all set up, so I will wait and see as to how long it takes before I am switching things off and not remembering it.  Hopefully I am not prone to doing that sort of thing, but if I am, then I can take the defeat for now and plan better for the next time.

[2:09am] Well, I am awake once again, wondering what I will do with this online time while adapting.

[3:57am] I hired the boxed set of the first series of Smallville last night, and I have been watching a few episodes here and there, already through the first four episondes now. I still fell pretty good, but I have not gone one day on this schedule yet, so time will tell.

[6:09am] Here I am after nap number 3.  I am starting to feel a bit tired now, but still nothing that I have not come across before.  So far there has been no over sleeping, and no detectable nodding off.

[10:10am] Well, nap number 4, so I have been though half a day - seems shorter than that for some reason.  Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me..

[2:12pm] Nap 5.  Total sleep time two and a half hours in the last twenty four.  I do have a slight headache at this time, but that could be either because of sleep issues, or maybe the fact that I have finally cut caffine out completely from about 1 or 2 cups that I have had over the last 2 days.  So far I seem to be fine.

[6:39pm] Nap 6.  Got it done on time, and with no oversleeping, but then the first day is usually reported as being the eaisiest.  With the way I started, just a little past when I usually would have started sleeping with biphasic sleep it seems that I have no problems getting to sleep within a minute or so of the time I go to sleep.  What this means is that all of the naps I have so far are effective, and will help me as I go into the adaption phase of polyphasic I would think.  I know that the next few days will not be easy, so I am going to work hard to try and not slip up at all.

April 11, 2007 - [9:25pm] Thought I'd try ployphasic sleep - I have chosen my sleep times, and I am going to give this a good shot - if I don't get it then it is not the end of the world - it is a learning experience.  Alarm is set, bed is ready - all I have to do is lay down for 30 minutes.. a little harder than it seems at first. 

[10:06pm] Okay, I am awake again, not feeling too bad, but then hey, that is how it starts.  It will be the coming days that will decide it all for me. 

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